2002 C. J. Y. P. E. after Night of Percussion II at Rutgers University

Front: Chris Nagengast (bucket), John Ambos, Brett Deptula (bucket), Seated: Dennis Chin, Jasmine Bloch, Diane Miller, Kevin Romanski (Exit 9), Standing: Tiffany Kung, Sara Butler, Laura Allen, Mike Ramsey (Exit 9), Peter Saleh (director, Exit 9), Peter Martin (Exit 9), Mike Stein, Leigh Winnick (guest artist), Thomas Nardone (alumnus), Sara Ketrow (guest artist)


Founded in January 2000 and run through June 2003 by director Peter Saleh, CJYPEís purpose was to expose high school-aged percussionists to challenging and legitimate percussion ensemble repertoire in a professional and musically rewarding environment.  The group drew upon highly motivated students from several different schools districts in New Jersey and performed purely undergraduate college and advanced high school level material.  The repertoire was specifically chosen, arranged, and/or written to provide a wide range of stylistic and technical experience and at the same time entertain the players and audiences alike. 

Performing Green's "Chromatic Foxtrot" in 2003



For a small tuition payment, comparable to the cost of one to two private lesson, members received a wealth of percussion experience.  In addition to special clinics featuring guest artists Robert "Tigger" Benford (improvisation), Mike Ramsey (West African drumming), Tony Reedus (drum set styles), Ken Riehman (orchestral excerpts), and She-e Wu (marimba and percussion ensemble), CJYPE performed at New Jersey percussion festivals and clinics at Bridgewater-Raritan, Franklin, Somerville, South Brunswick, Southern Regional, and West Windsor-Plainsboro High Schools.  Members also received a guided tour of the Malletech and KPP facilities in Asbury Park by owner and prominent marimbist Leigh Howard Stevens.

         CJYPE members also receive a textbook of percussion-related materials, "A Percussionist's Handbook," written and compiled by the director specifically for the group and a free CD of original and alternate recordings of the groupís current and future repertoire.

C. J. Y. P. E. member Brett Deptula performing Michael Burritt's "October Night" at a group event.

           Every season, the director took advantage of his individual players' abilities and arranged a brand new score specifically for the abilities of the ensemble.  These arrangements include "Introduction" from Shostakovich's Fourth Ballet Suite (marimba quartet, 2000), "Peeping Tom" by Everol Cooper (pop percussion ensemble, 2001), "Allegro Prestissimo" from Jean Barriere's Sonata for Two Cellos (classical percussion ensemble, 2001), "Etude in C" by Clair Musser (classical percussion ensemble, 2002), and Mozart's Rondo "Alla Turca", also known as his "Turkish Rondo", (classical percussion ensemble, 2003).

Playing in C.J.Y.P.E. greatly influenced my career by giving me exposure to great players, clinicians, and music I had never experienced. Pete's teaching methods are clear, effective, and positive!

-Cliff Ramsey (2001 member), senior Jazz Studies Major at Rutgers University and professional drum set artist.

            Despite the centralized rehearsal location of the ensemble, members of the group hailed from all around New Jersey, including Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Edison, Franklin, Glen Ridge, Hackettstown, Highland Park, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Mount Olive, Old Bridge, Somerset, and Somerville. 

C. J. Y. P. E. member Mike Stein performing at guest clinician Ken Riehman's class on orchestral percussion.

            Even in the short length of time the group's original tenure, alumni of the group have gone on to be successful in established Classical and Jazz college and festival music programs including the Aspen Music Festival, Ithaca College, The Leigh Howard Stevens Summer Marimba Seminar, James Madison University, Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey, and the University of Delaware, as well as one member performing with a USMC Band, and members of Penn State, Rutgers, and Jersey Surf Drumlines.

2003 Members at the Somerville Day of Percussion

-Sample Concert Program From 2002

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Guest Artists, Special Events, & Images


Jasmine Bloch  (Hillsborough)

Sara Butler            (J. P. Stevens)

Alyssa Cadwalader (Hacketstown)

Vilas Kamat  (Hillsborough)

Tiffany Kung            (J. P. Stevens)

Katherine Marino*  (Hillsborough)

Thomas Nardone*  (Hillsborough)

Jeff Ward*  (Hillsborough)

4/4 for Four by Anthony Cirone

Jovial Jasper and The Ragtime Robin by G. H. Green/Arr. Bob Becker

While the Cat's Away. . .  by James Romig

Introduction to the Fourth Ballet Suite by Dmitri Shostakovich (arranged for marimba quartet by Peter Saleh)

-Percussionist Kim Burja

(Some of the original 2000 CJYPE members)

     CJYPE gave me the opportunity to perform in a percussion ensemble, to share an enjoyment of performing music with other students that were serious about percussion, and something to look forward to each week. 

The pieces Pete chose were fun to play, and challenging and he also ensured students got exposure to a variety of percussion instrument's, making it a fun and educational experience for everyone involved. 

-Vilas Kamat (2000-2001 member)


John Ambose  (Highland Park)

Jasmine Bloch  (Hillsborough)

Alyssa Cadwalader* (Hacketstown)

Dennis Chin  (Somerville)

Vishan Chopra  (Bridgewater-Raritan)

David Heliotis*  (Somerville)

Michael Heliotis  (Somerville)

Vilas Kamat*  (Hillsborough)

Tiffany Kung            (J. P. Stevens)

Catherine McNulty*    (Mt. Olive)

Diane Miller  (Hillsborough)

Cliff Ramsay  (Somerville)

Steve Runyon*  (Hillsborough)

Matt Sitarski  (Hillsborough)

Allegro Prestissimo from Sonata for Two Cellos by Jean Barriere (arranged for percussion orchestra by Peter Saleh)

Peeping Tom by Everol Cooper (arranged for percussion and rhythm section by Peter Saleh)


Six Slick Stix Click Licks by Paul Goldstaub

Charleston Capers and Valse Brillante by G. H. Green/Arr. Bob Becker

Bonham by Christopher Rouse

Peter Martin, Scott Martin, Ken Riehman, Kevin Romanski, and She-e Wu.  Group tour of Malletech instrument factory in Asbury Park, NJ.

(2001 Members after a successful performance at Southern Regional High School)


(performing "Allegro Prestissimo" at the West Windsor-Plainsboro Festival in 2001)


Laura Allen     (Ridge)

John Ambose  (Highland Park)

Jasmine Bloch*  (Hillsborough)

Sara Butler*         (J. P. Stevens)

Dennis Chin*     (Somerville)

Brett Deptula*     (Glen Ridge)

Nate Guerin  (Montgomery)

Tiffany Kung*            (J. P. Stevens)

Diane Miller*  (Hillsborough)

Chris Nagengast*  (Hillsborough)

Mike Stein  (Hillsborough)

Bourree from Partita No. 1 in B minor by J. S. Bach (arranged for marimba quartet by Gary Olmstead)

Atenteben by Bob Becker

Newthaan by Bob Becker

Toccata by Carlos Chavez

Metric Lips by Bela Fleck/arr. Steinquest

Etude in C by Clair Omar Musser (arranged for percussion orchestra by Peter Saleh)

Ku Ka Ilimoku by Christopher Rouse

Inside the Toybox by Peter Saleh

EXIT 9 percussion group, Dancer/choreographer Sara Ketrow, West African-style drummer Mike Ramsey, Drumset/recording artist Tony Reedus, percussionist Leigh Winnick, and marimba virtuoso She-e Wu

(performing "Ku Ka. . . " at N.O.P. II)

Members of CJYPE with guest clinicians Tony Reedus (center, kneeling), Mike Ramsey, and She-e Wu (right)


Laura Allen     (Ridge)

John Ambose  (Highland Park)

Eric Clementelli  (Old Bridge)

Doug Friedman*  (Hillsborough)

Barun Kanungo*  (Montgomery)

Scott McIsaak  (Hillsborough)

Mike Stein  (Hillsborough)

Valerie Vassar*     (Glen Ridge)

Allegretto for percussion quartet by Warren Benson

Chromatic Foxtrot by G. H. Green/Arr. Becker

Bicksa by Thom Hasenpflug

Tambourin Chinois by Fritz Kreisler/Arr. Green

Alla Turca by W. A. Mozart (arranged for percussion orchestra by Peter Saleh)

American Tribute by Jeff Prosperie

Dorian Chorale (For Juliana) by Peter Saleh

This Feelin' Nice by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe (Arranged and adapted for keyboard percussion by Peter Saleh)

*High School Senior

Dance Musician Robert 'Tigger' Benford, Percussionist Sarah Burke, Percussionist Mike Ramsey, Orchestral specialist Ken Riehman, and marimba virtuoso She-e Wu.

(guest clinician She-e Wu, guest clinician Robert 'Tigger' Benford, John Ambos, director Peter Saleh, Doug Friedman, Mike Stein, Barun Kanungo, Scott McIsaac, Eric Clementelli, and guest clinician Ken Riehman at the 2003 CJYPE Day of Percussion)

(performing 'Alla Turca' at N. O. P. III)


2008 C.J.Y.P.E.


Part Assignments (print all 3 parts and start working on them)
Peter Bach (mar 3),  Fleck (mar 1), Saleh (Perc 1)
Joe Bach (mar 1), Fleck (vibes), Saleh (Timp)
Alex Bach (mar 4), Fleck (mar 2), Saleh (Perc 2)
Andrew Bach (mar 2), Fleck (Xylo), Saleh (Perc 3)

Rehearsal Recap/Notes


- Remember that all announced start times are downbeats and ends so plan accordingly to be ready to play at that time and allow time to pack up afterwards.  Please read all below times.

- Remember to bring or borrow equipment/mallets/towels for everything.  Write what you need at the top of the 1st page of each part.

- Tuition payment totaling $160 ($20 per rhl) is due from each player.

- Think of two contrasting solos (from the following list: marimba, xylophone, vibes, snare drum, timpani, multi-percussion) to perform on 6/23.  If two of you want to do a duet in place of a solo, that would be fine as well.

- Brief oral reports: Peter/Bela Fleck, Joe/"Bourree" and "Baroque Dance Suite", Alex/Gary Olmstead

- Recordings: T&D, original Bach- Bourree and Double, Fleck  (arrangement), Fleck (original)

- T & D Score (please study and add cues/notes to your part as needed)

- For promotional purposes, I'd like to have a different name for the group than CJYPE.  Think of a suggestion.

4/21 (5 to 7pm)

5/5 (6 to 8pm)

5/19 (5 to 7pm)

5/26 (5 to 7pm)

6/9 (5 to 7pm)

6/16 (5 to 7pm)

6/?? (recital performance, report time TBA)

-  Invite friends/family.