Organizations and Institutions:

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Global Percussion, Inc.

Percussive Arts Society

The University of North Texas - The posted curriculum, or "barriers", is a great reference and resource for any percussion teacher.


Tigger Benford - Professor and musician for dance

Simon Boyar - Director of Juilliard pre-college percussion, NYU Adjunct, and powerful marimbist.

Dajeong Choi - Up and coming composer with many unique and exciting percussion pieces in her catalog.

Ddrum - Dallas based percussion group.

John Haas - World Traveled Timpanist, teacher, and percussion entrepreneur

Josh Jennings - Dallas-area world percussionist

Merceditas Manago-Alexander - NYC Dancer-Choreographer

Peter Martin - Chicago area marimbist and percussionist.  Member of the Third Coast Percussion Quartet. - Music for dance, film, and theater

The Von Howard Project - Website of Dancer/Choreographer Christian von Howard


Keyboard Percussion Publications - The largest catalog of percussion music out there.

Non Sequitur - Bruce Hamilton's Publisher

Row-Loff Productions - great pedagogical percussion ensemble music


Aspen Drum Company - manufacturer of high quality concert snare drums

Columbus Percussion - Great deals on drum set related gear.  Check out their prices on drum heads.

DK Percussion - Unique Timpani mallets

Drummer's World - If you live near NYC, you already know what kind of resource this place is.  Want to get a great pair of $70 Venezuelan Maracas or pick a pair of claves out of an entire barrel full?  This place is worth a visit.

Lark in the Morning - Look here for less common percussion and world instruments.  A bit pricey, though.


Drumcorps Etc. - My old site.  Yes, the Gridit page.

Exit 9 on MySpace - The meager beginnings of our presence on MySpace

Julius Tolentino - Phenomenally talented Alto Saxophonist - NPR programming is unique in its valuable and diverse content for musicians.  Search the FreshAir and SoundCheck archives for percussive topics - A cause close to me.