Jobiniana No. 1/Assad  (2007)  Originally for two guitars, this piece adapts quite well for marimbas.  Set in 6/8 time, the piece features gorgeous harmonic turns in a highly active polyrhythmic composition style that will surprise and engage the listener right from the beginning.  Because each player often plays their own accompaniment, it occasionally sounds as if up to four parts are being played.  Audio File (performed by the arranger and Ken Riehman)  (New!)


Bizach/Bach, Bizet  (2004)  An entertaining experiment that combines similar themes from Bizet (Le Arlesienne Suite) and Bach (Little Fugue in G minor) under the heading “tempo di techno”.  Scored for core keyboard instruments with percussion and rhythm section.  While it is a good show piece for a talented drummer and bass player, the middle section of the piece opens up the opportunity for melodic solos over printed chord changes (written out solos are included as well).


'Allegro Prestissimo' from Sonata for Two Cellos/ Barriere (2001)  Percussion orchestra of 8-10 players taken from the recording by Yo-yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin.  Includes orchestral style timpani, glock, and xylophone parts.  Available through Row-Loff productions.  Audio File (Row-Loff Promotional Recording)   Program/Rehearsal Notes


Lift Up My Hands to You/Dajeong Choi (2004)  An excursion through layers of octatonic material keeps all 13 players’ hands full.  This large ensemble piece adapts original material from a 4-hands-for-piano duet for a sizeable ensemble of keyboards, percussion, timpani, and piano.  Available from Keyboard Percussion Publications.  Audio File (performed by the University of North Texas 12:00 Percussion Ensemble, March 2005)  Audio File (performed by the Rutgers University Percussion Ensemble, March 2006) Performance/Program Notes


Peeping Tom/Everol Cooper (2001)  Borrowing heavily from Soca styles of steel band music, this energetic arrangement for keyboards, drums, and percussion includes easily expandable sections for improvisation on non-pitched percussion for all players. 


Songs from the Heart/Harris (2004/2005) for female voice with piano accompaniment.  Ten simple songs set to rich harmony that would feel at home in any church service.  Includes chord symbols.


Alla Turca from Piano Sonata in A Major, k. 331/W. A. Mozart (2003)  This immediately recognizable favorite has been set for percussion orchestra with the xylophonist being the featured player.  Originally written for the Exit 9 percussion group, this version for 9 players features parts for all ability levels.  Available through Row-Loff productions.  Audio File (Row-Loff Promotional Recording)   Program Sample


Etude in C/C. O. Musser (2002)  A large ensemble arrangement that honors the work of the marimbist/composer/arranger, this realization for 8-10 players is easily adaptable to serve as accompaniment for the marimba solo.  Scored for keyboard percussion, timpani, and two busy orchestral-style multi-percussionists.  Will possibly be available soon through Studio 4 Music.  Audio File   Score Sample


Etude Op. 11, No. 4/C. O. Musser (2006)  Scored to fit on a vibraphone and a low ‘A’ marimba, this quartet arrangement conjures the rich harmonic essence and active string quartet scoring of Debussy.  Arranged for Exit 9 percussion group, this piece is pleasing to a general audience and intelligent enough for a more sophisticated crowd.


More score samples and audio clips coming soon. . .

If you or your ensemble have performed my arrangements, please send me a program and any available recording.


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