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4/5/10: A rare occasion, I will be conducting both the RYPE and YOCJ Percussionists on 4/11 at the South Brunswick Percussion Festival.  Come share some awesome music with the future of percussion in NJ!

Come see me drum in Queens with Dirty Mac and the Bumper Crop Boys on April 10 at the Sunswick Bar.

Also, congrats to Alex, Kevin, and Eric for getting accepted into every single school they've auditioned for this year!

3/19/10: Congratulations to my student and YOCJ member Kevin Clifford on his acceptance to the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami!

3/18/10: Congratulations to my student Alex Chin for his acceptance with scholarship at my alma mater the University of North Texas College of Music as well as Mason gross School of the Arts and The College of New Jersey.  Good luck in Denton next year! 

Congratulations to my student and RYPE member Eric Ficarra for his acceptance with scholarship to the University of Delaware as well as UMass, Westchester, and James Madison University.

Also, I will be performing along with Ken and Britton from Exit 9 with the Princeton Brass Band in Montclair, NJ on 3/28, New Brunswick, NJ on 4/6, and in Raleigh, NC on 4/16 and 4/17.

1/23/10Congratulations to my private students and RYPE members Alex Chin for placing first in mallets and sophomore battery percussionist Ryan Lucht and Junior Julie Boyle for successful auditions into the 2010 NJMEA All-state band and Orchestra!

Come see me perform with Exit 9 on Saturday, February 20 at 7pm at the NYC "Weekend of Percussion" Collage Concert held at NYU.

1/14/10I have just accepted a position as Adjunct Professor of Percussion at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ.

1/10/10: Congratulations to my private student and RYPE member Julie Boyle for her successful audition for NJMEA Region I mallet percussion!

1/7/10 My updated resume is now posted.

12/13/09: Congratulations to my private students and RYPE members Alex Chin and Ryan Lucht on their successful auditions for NJMEA Region II battery and mallet percussion!

11/16/09: Congratulations to former student Dylan Frank on winning the 2009 PASIC Multi-Percussion Competition!

8/11/09: Four engagements added for the summer:

  • -Saturday, August 15, 4pm - East River Park - Peter and Britton will be performing live score to two works of choreography by Christian Von Howard and the Von Howard Project.  One is Reich's 'Nagoya Marimbas' and the other is, a solo, is a modified version of the Time in M'Ocean score Peter performed at NJPAC and in Easton, MD this year. Info: Here

  • -
    Thursday, August 20, 7pm - Franklin, NJ - Exit 9 is performing our 'pops' program, a mix of world musics, original percussion works, ragtime, and novelty music.  Info Here

  • -I am performing in a production in FringeNYC this summer called Jack and the Soybean Stalk.  Go here for dates/times.

  • -I have a semi-regular engagement playing "warm weather music" marimba in a duo featuring talented friends of mine, including fantastic percussionist Chris White, on Wednesdays 6-10pm at Yo & Papa's in Morristown, NJ.

  • Also, thanks to Raegan, Marcel, and all the dancers from NJPAC's SYPW for another rewarding summer.  Hopefully video of the 2008 and 2009 productions will be going up sometime soon. . . hopefully.

5/21/09Shannon MacDowell's choreography, "Timeless, here" for which the score 'Not For' was written, will be presented at a program entitled Launchpad at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in NYC this September 14th.  More info to follow. . .

5/17/09 Congratulations to my students Joe Kelly and Andrew Stenvall on their acceptance to the Manhattan School of Music and the Juilliard School (respectively) for their undergraduate degrees.  Also, congratulations to members of the Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey on a successful concert and performance year. 

4/27/09Many thanks to Joe Tompkins, Nate Sankary, and the Rutgers University Percussion Ensemble for a spirited performance of my piece, ExitIX Novum.

2/17/09I will be performing solo concerts and masterclasses in Taiwan and Korea this March.  See the 'Calendar' page for details.  My program 'Mostly Multi' (see the Facebook event of the same name) includes pieces I have a strong connection with, with works by Hamilton, Choi, Becker, Assad, Bach, and a preview performance of Mark Zuckerman's new solo multi percussion work, 'Selah.'

Also, The Rutgers University Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Joe Tompkins, will be performing my award winning compostion, 'ExitIX Novum' on Saturday, April 25,  8pm at Nicholas Music Center.

1/7/09I can be see on TV performing Mark Zuckerman's, "The Outlaw and The King" on the New Jersey Network’s “State of the Arts” show with the segment, scheduled to air 8:30 PM Friday, January 16 (replayed 11:30 PM Wed., 1/21).  Please visit for the NJN channel in your area or to view online.

***NEW***Also, here is a recording of my recent score for modern dance, Not For.

11/7/08My new score, "Not For," a collaboration with choreographer Shannon MacDowell, is set to premiere this weekend (11/8 and 11/9) at the Mason Gross Dance concert, 'Synergy'.  Audio and video will be coming soon.

11/5/08Congratulations to my student, percussionist Joe Kelly, on making first place All-Eastern Orchestra!

10/5/08Video of the Exit 9/Von Howard/Saleh collaboration, This Will Hurt Nobody is now posted.

9/5/08I've just posted my updated resume.

8/28/08Recordings of two recent scores for dance, This Will Hurt Nobody and We Are Living, have now been posted.

8/6/08My recent collaboration "Are We Living?" with NJPAC choreographer Raegan Wood-Sanders and SYPW premiered to very positive reviews last week and there is talk of the piece living on with a future performance in the coming year.  Here is an extract of my original score, which featured my first use of voice samples and pre-recorded accompaniment tracks (more samples coming).   Also, I've posted the outline for a percussion clinic for dancers I recently gave.

6/20/08Congratulations to all of my students and the 2008 CJYPE for an incredible recital yesterday!  Look for highlights and media posted by the end of summer.

6/1/08Exit 9 just returned from a successful venture out to the west coast to premiere our commission of stellar composer and Western Washington University faculty member, Bruce Hamilton.  While there, we performed an evening concert as well as a general audience program.  We also conducted a clinic with the WWU percussion ensemble.

5/1/08 I've just finished a run of performances with Exit 9 of my new score for dance, "This Will Hurt Nobody" and it was a total blast!  Thanks to Ken, Mike, Britton, Bob, Christian, and all twelve dancers for a great experience.

12/10/07 A recording of my marimba chorale duet 'For Juliana' is now up.  Also newly posted: Synthesized audio of 'S. G. Soca,' 'ExitIX Novum' notes, and a score sample of Toybox.

11/30/07 The new recording of my 'Trio for Flute, Marimba, and Cello' by musicians I-Yun Tu (fl.), Nathan Sankary (mba.) and Michael Holak (vc) is now up.  Also, links to recordings of my 'Alla Turca' and 'Allegro Prestissimo' arrangements have been updated.

11/24/07Check out Exit 9's performance highlight video.

10/24/07A live recording of my arrangement of Sergio Assad's Jobiniana No. 1 is now posted.

9/13/07My award winning composition ExitIX Novum is set to be published by Innovative Percussion this fall

9/10/07My Trio for Flute, Cello, and Marimba will be premiered by Paul Hoffman's HELIX! contemporary music ensemble this fall.

9/6/07My book A Percussionist's Handbook, now in its seventh edition, is going to be used in the curriculum at Ithaca College this year.

7/27/07My composition, ExitIX Novum, has been awarded second place in the 2007 PAS Percussion Ensemble Composition Competition!

7/15/07 New pictures have been posted.

7/10/07Congratulations to former student Keith Hendricks now on a world tour with The Polyphonic Spree

7/9/07 More new video has been posted.  Also, a brand new revision of my early percussion quartet, "In the Toy Box" (1999) is set to be published by year's end.

6/17/07 I just finished participating in the Alan Abel 'Philadelphia Traditions' Orchestral Percussion Seminar.  It was a great opportunity for me to study, work, and speak with truly great teachers that I had not been able to work with before.  Nothing but a great experience!

4/16/07A reading of my new percussion quintet, 'ExitIX Novum' is now posted.

2/4/07An interview I did for has just been posted.

1/26/07Over 5,000 video views on YouTube!

1/21/07Congratulations to my student Dylan Frank on making first place 'battery' in NJ's All-State band!

12/18/06 An article I wrote while in graduate school about the drummers and percussionists of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention will be listed in a book about Frank written by his brother Bob, to be published in 2007.

11/20/06: I've just added a drum set transcription section.

11/5/06Just in time for this fall, I've put up my 'Jury Checklist'.

10/29/06The 'Calendar' page has been updated with a dozen or so new bookings.  Also, more video has been added to the 'Music for Dance' page as well as a couple of additional photos on the 'Teaching. . . ' and 'Pictures. . . ' pages.

7/16/06Video is now available on this site!  Included are the beginnings of my 'Music for Dance' series of technique-class clips (posted on the 'music for dance' section) and performance clips.  Keep checking the 'Performance Clips' section below for more media.

6/20/06:  Wow, I just got back from a great 2 weeks in South Carolina working at the Terpsichore III: Making Waves dance festival with choreographer Christian von Howard.  In addition to working with some very talented, wonderful people, I ended up writing a new piece.  Although it is as of yet untitled, it is 8 minutes in length and scored for two percussionists (playing marimba, hand drums, drum set, double seconds, and percussion).  Special thanks to percussionist Michael Knight for his work on the project.  A recording of this piece is now available on the 'compositions' page.  A recording of 'Kubrick's Rube' is en route.

5/27/06So many good things have happened recently that its been hard to keep track of everything.  Exit 9 just performed with marimba soloist Simon Boyar at the Juilliard School at Lincoln Center last week and the premiere of my piece for two percussionists and bassist, 'Kubrick's Rube' is set for June 3.

5/7/06The Juilliard Pre-college percussion ensemble, directed by Simon Boyar, held their year end concert which included an energetic performance of "Themes and Distractions."  As the piece uses an Ives-style system of quotation of many percussion pieces, I was particularly thrilled that one of the quoted composers, Pre-college director Andrew Thomas, was in attendance to hear his own music referenced in my piece.

4/18/06:  My quartet "Themes and Distractions" is being performed at the University of Virginia this spring with conductor I-Jen Fang.

4/9/06:  An updated version of my resume is now up including the recently released UNT Wind Symphony recordings I had played on last year.

4/6/06:  I will be working with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) this May.  Also, the University of North Texas' Graduate Percussion Ensemble performed "Lift Up . . . " today.  Recording available soon.

4/5/06I received confirmation that "Lift Up. . ." is indeed being played at Ithaca College this month.

3/31/06I accompanied dance classes at ACDFA this week.  A potential summer residency with choreographer Raegan Sanders at NJPAC is in the works.

3/26/06I took part in the shooting of a new instructional video for modern dance accompaniment today with Tigger Benford.  The DVD should be ready for release in time for PASIC 2006 in November.

3/4/06The Rutgers University Percussion Ensemble performed a spirited rendition of my arrangement of Dajeong Choi's "Lift Up My Hands to You."  A recording will be available soon.



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